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Evaluate your current infrastructure’s security, threat surface, and mitigation effectiveness.


We’ll partner with you to securely tailor and blueprint anything from local networks to cloud architecture.


From internal to external testing, we proactively cover custom scopes and attack surfaces through offensive security.

Innovative Security Solutions for Modern Challenges

Pioneering Protection

We don’t just follow best practices; we contribute to them. We actively participate in open-source projects and the latest cybersecurity trends.

Guided Remediation

We won’t just leave you in the rearview mirror. We break down the outcomes into manageable areas of focus and provide you with the tools to attack them.

Versatile Expertise

Having worked for multiple Fortune 100 companies, we offer a unique and versatile perspective. We combine deep industry experience with a dynamic approach.

Personalized Services

We understand that every client’s cybersecurity needs are unique. We tailor our solutions to your specific business objectives and risk profile, ensuring maximum protection and value.

Protect with us

Companies lost more than $10B in 2023 due to cybercrime.

We’ll ensure that your company is not added to these statistics. Our team will work around the clock to minimize your attack surface and increase your security.

In losses
Average cost of a data breach
Ransomware Attacks

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